About me

I am a self-confessed housaholic.  This is the house that caused my downfall – a crumbling 18thC manor house in Central France.  Typically of a housaholic I gave up everything: career, social life, family, hobbies in order to satiate my lust for property. A 23 year old daughter was ‘abandoned’, her own words, after having lived for free in one of the better suburbs of London, with central heating, meal service and her dry cleaning delivered to her room.

Be warned.  This could happen to you!

Read the harrowing story of how I have fought this addiction, suffered it consequences, and most shaming of all passed it on to my eldest child.


Confessions of a Housaholic

Def: A person who is totally and persistently unable to resist the impulse to buy property totally out of scale to their requirements


Chloe Rayban – author of wickedly wild books for teenagers – explains why she threw up everything in a mad impulse to buy a decaying manoir in France